Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Winning hearts, not votes.

I finally figured out exactly how to get started working on my "blog" section of this page. Last night, it came to me. What better place to start something new...
So, I have been really working on my approach when addressing new folks about politics in general, let alone the completely mislabeled, damn near crucified, Donald Trump. I have been trying to find it in my heart every day to remember that everyone has the RIGHT to their beliefs and opinions, as well as their choice of candidate. That's America. As far as I am concerned, it's a step in the right direction to even care enough to vote in presidential elections, period. I just wish more people were open to truly UNDERSTANDING other people's point of view, obtaining their own knowledge outside of what the mainstream media feeds it's sheep, and could learn to agree to disagree. All while still maintaining some class in the words you use to defend those beliefs. This election has really shown me how uneducated people choose to be sometimes, sometimes downright ignorant to reality, particularly those on the left. But that's for another post. Again, I try to remember that we all have rights, unfortunately sometimes, that includes the right to be dumb. Not stupid, dumb. Being dumb is a choice. Being stupid is not. I'm just saying.
That being said, I have been working on one extremely respectable, yet extremely uneducated (in that area), potential voter. Someone I admire and have learned more from than anyone else in my life, I'd have to say. Aside from God, that is. Nonetheless, they are still very much in the dark about politics and have even said to me, upon recently hearing so many of the horror stories of our current government and it's secret agendas..."See why I'm afraid to vote!?" Meet, my mother. The non-registered democrat. Bless her heart.
Regardless, when you're 28 year old daughter begins the journey of going Facebook viral for a cause, it is difficult to ignore for too long. Especially when I am the daughter who is on that journey. Lol. I don't often hold back how I feel about this whole ordeal. To the world, or to her. Yet finally, I saw her shell begin to crack. And sometime after my arrival in California, she was all ears. And I have to say, I am extremely proud of how much information she has retained, how much she not only trusts the information I have shared, but analyzes it in real world applications. She is like a sponge, asking questions and connecting dots. It's a warm fuzzy feeling for me. There was a time I didn't think she would ever come around. Most of my friends and family still haven't.
Last night, though, she asked me a really great question. I sensed after she said it, she may be getting a little worn out on my voice, but is still very much interested in the information I have begun to piece together like a puzzle for her. It was pretty simple to get started. I led with the second amendment. She was aware of the government wanting to limit, if not entirely ban, our weapons rights. While SHE doesn't utilize her right to carry a weapon herself, she doesn't believe YOU shouldn't. She also isn't na├»ve enough to believe taking guns from the good guys will stop the bad guys from obtaining them. Next, terrorism. She said to me, "If it ever happens, I may not have a gun, just know, I will be standing behind you, you better keep me safe!" Always, mom. She even admitted some of the things that have happened have her non-believing self consider carrying one, too. That is progress!
Anyways, she said, "Okay, so, if someone like me, who has really NO knowledge of government and how it is operating now, where would I look to do some research on my own and learn more about what you are talking about?" Naturally, I shot back, "My videos, of course!" But, instantly my brain kicked into overdrive to slow the answers I wanted to lay out in a list for her like a kid writing a Santa list or an adult writing a bucket list. Believe it or not, I don't get that question often. I was like a kid in a candy store. Lol.
So, we started with this website and my videos. She watched all of them. It was a proud moment for me. I have been waiting a long time to do this with her, not sure if I would even get that chance. She gave me a lot of feedback and I couldn't appreciate that from anyone more than my own mother. Next up for her, this post. In a sense, it is a tribute to her anyways. Might as well. So that maybe in the next few days, when we sit down to go over a little more, she can read this post and be connected to so many more of my favorite avenues for giving a voice to the silent majority. Because, if you hadn't figured that out, that's what that is...Angie's favorite whistleblowers train station and all trains lead to the White House, cause Trump is the conductor. Pick a terminal...
To my mama..thank you for being as open to learning as you have always taught me to be! If you are ready to continue your can check out some of the links listed below. For everyone else, I hope this helps y'all start working on some new folks. We have lots of time. Just remember, it's not about winning votes anymore. It's about winning hearts. Much love America. #MAGA
Most importantly, the man himself. It is best to learn who he is and what he stands for if you are attempting to build faith in him and his agenda. So, check out his website, HERE.
It is important to note, some of my favorite Trump supporters and campaigners for Trump spend a lot of time in "Facebook jail" for their hilarious, not so clean mouths sometimes, not to mention thumbs. So, I have separated my favorites as such:
Mother Approved:
No-So Politically Correct:
I will continue to update the list as I find and remember more and more of my favs! Check them all out! Let me know what you think of my friends! Join us in our fight to save this beautiful RED, WHITE & BLUE nation! Help us Make America Great Again!

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