Sunday, October 9, 2016


Boys will be boys...Apology Accepted.

As if in comparison to the 33,000 emails she deleted, husband's massive sexual assault/rape charges, four American soldiers she got killed in Benghazi for her globalist agenda and the 12 year rape victim she demonized, his "bar room talk" was a threat to national security.

You can watch the video, if you would like to (for the sake of fair journalism) HERE.

I mean really, all this for THAT? Come on.

 I'd say Donald Trump should EASILY get a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE card.

Hillary should get a RED EYE TO Guantanamo. TONIGHT. Along with the media for conjuring this BS up! Scratchin' at the surface like a PUSSY on catnip. Wait, what did she say?? Yeah. I said that. Catnip. Go to bed liberals, you're thinking too hard.

On that note, Apology Accepted, Donald. I've said worse in the last 24 hours, I'm sure ;)

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Mike Pence FTW!

Last night was the first, and only, Vice Presidential debate between Mike Pence and Tim Kaine. Mike Pence mopped the floor with Tim Kaine, as to be expected. Mike is one of the classiest politicians I have ever seen! With a winning voting record to boot! If you haven't seen it's worth every second!

If you're anything like me, you got really tired of Mike being interrupted every five seconds, proving Tim kaine, like his puppet master Hillary, has no respect or class. But, that isn't even the worst part! I hopped on Facebook LIVE to give my two cents after the debate ended and I was all but smoke coming out of my ears!

Agree? Likely! I'd like to hear your thoughts and frustrations on the them in the comments below! 

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Hope for Humanity: Afshin

While our president is busy praising Islam and all the evil that it stands for, an incredible, fearless woman is fighting back to not only bring to safety as many as she can from its terrors, but she is a survivor of Sharia herself. At 18 years old, she fled to the United States from Iran and decided to use her life for the greatest good, bringing hope, refuge and humanity to as many more victims of Sharia as she could. Equally as important, she spends day and night spreading the truth about Islam for anyone who is willing to listen. I have been truly educated on the matter because of her. 
Via the The Glazov Gang, this week's TOP 10 with that incredible woman, Aynaz Cyrus, Glazov's Producer, Founder of Live up to Freedom and most importantly, humanitarian activist, will make your skin crawl and your heart ache. 

Agree? Disgusting to think anyone would allow that to seep into our very own society. Western culture has no room for this disturbing behavior. Freedom and Islam cannot coexist. Women have no humane rights under Sharia and we cannot and will not be forced to accept this as a way of life. Yet, still, our president claims Muslim culture has enriched American society, as we see more and more terrorist attacks on our own soil, in the name of Allah, and thousands more refugees pour across our borders every day. Not women and children, trying to escape the persecution, no. Men, military aged men, with no vetting process, it has become inevitable to avoid the infiltration that has begun right in front our own eyes. We have to stop this madness, we have to fight back. Or we too, very soon, will be the victims of this genocide. To give Islam a chance, is to strip that chance from all society who is unwilling to convert to its evil ways. Enough is enough. 

As I stated, though, our very own "leader" claims this horrible cult is "strengthening" our country. So very wrong he is...

The Live up to Freedom team has successfully joined forces with other humanitarian teams in many, many rescue cases to bring refuge to the freedom fighters in the middle east and abroad. But it is a never ending battle for life. They are currently attempting to extract an incredible man fighting not only for his freedom, but his life, at this very moment. His name is Afshin Zorahbzadeh and you can find the petition for his removal from Iran, as well as his story, HERE

That petition was started over a year ago, and was finally granted, just recently, in order to get him the medical attention he needs. I received an immediate update when he was smuggled out of the hospital he was in to secure his life, you can find that video HERE..

Upon the beginning of his extraction, he was able to reach out via social media with an update, and his video brought tear to my eyes...

{Translation via Matt Rininger}

 He was relocated to a secure, private location to continue his treatment and the manhunt was on. However, he has taken a turn for the worst and is fighting for his life everyday. We have fought and prayed and shared his story as far and wide as we can, and will continue to do so, but we need your help. He isn't going to make it without the proper care and we need to see it through. You can donate to this mission at Please, if all you can do is share his story and this mission and add him to your prayers, please do so. He needs all the help he can get. Thank you for taking the time to listen. May God be with him.

{You can find more of Aynaz Cyrus' "Top 10" pieces, as well as her enlightening series, "The Unknown", HERE. and also, on The Glazov Gang.}


What changed overnight, Bill???

Monday, October 3, 2016

Bernie Basement Dwellers?

Yep, she said that! PANDER PANDER PANDER.
Leave it to Bernie to act like it's acceptable to talk this way about his OWN SUPPORTERS!

And then, she cancelled all her events with Bernie. Imagine that.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Presidential Debate #1-Hofstra University

Round one goes to Donald, of course! 

Not that it mattered, it was rigged from the get-go! Don't believe me...

And it just continued to get worse and worse....

Lester Holt is terrible. A liberal cheater, just like his ringleader, Hillary. No surprise news broke just hours later that Hillary received the debate questions a week before the debate even took place...

At least Trump got the last usual...

Friday, September 30, 2016

Angie Peterson for the Glazov Gang

I had the remarkable honor of being invited to host a moment for the Glazov Gang a month or so ago. It was incredible. I followed the Louisiana floods very closely and I was so thoroughly dissapointed that our very own president handled the situation the way he did. Upon releasing a video venting those exact frustrations, I was invited to do a follow up moment for the Glazov team. I happily accepted. To share a little background for the inspiration, I should share with you, I located a livestream of the president arriving for a press conference in a ravaged Louisiana from ABC ARIZONA 15 and what I heard as he approached the podium made my stomach turn. I will spend forever regretting the vote I cast for this wretched unAmerican traitor in 2008.

Listen for yourself...

I could go on and on for hours about how livid his response made me. Rather, I'll just share my Glazov Moment, when it was fresh in my heart and mind. 

Always a day late and a dollar short, the Traitor in chief is. Always has been and always will be. Luckily, there are only 34 more days until his reign of terror is over! Thank God! 

Upon getting to know Jamie Glazov and his incredible work, I was anxious to read his book, United in Hate: The Left's Romance with Tyranny and Terror. I finally got my hands on it via the David Horowitz Freedom Center and it has been everything I had hoped for and then some! It is an incredible psychological and historical evaluation of just that, the road that drove the left into such a dark, cruel, inhumane path of destruction, the very same social beliefs they represent, throughout history and presently. It breaks down the devastating chain of events caused by Marxist ideology that grabbed hold on the minds of leftist terrorists like Stalin, Lenin and Hitler. And leads right into American society and the left wing leadership that has driven this nation into the ground, and set us on the path to communist chaos. 

It is truly incredible. I highly reccommend it to ANYONE and EVERYONE. 
You can thank me later, but trust me when I tell you, it's extremely difficult to put down, even when you have bloodwork for a new baby in ten minutes... ;)

Thursday, September 15, 2016

LGBTQ for Trump!

In the aftermath of the Orlando shooting, the LGBTQ came to the very harsh realization that they were truly under attack, possibly even being targeted, by both ISIS and our own government. I watched as members of this historically liberal community dug deep inside to find answers and understanding, as they mourned the loss of 49 of their own LGBTQ family, with 53 more in critical condition. The only assumptions to be drawn were that it was a religious persecution. The gunman, 29 year old, Omar Mateen, claiming Jihad, murdered or injured over 100 Americans, simply due to their sexual orientation. In Islam, homosexuality is unacceptable and must me met with death. The killer was finally shot dead by LEOs in order to free the remaining hostages inside Pulse Nightclub. The assault rocked not only their community, but the entire country.

While they, and we, came to terms with such a nightmare, the president wasted NO TIME to claim that common sense gun laws were the answer to this tragedy. But, much to the surprise of democrats and republicans alike, the LGBTQ community as a whole chose a different solution. The common reaction to such a massacre, was one of common sense and fear combined. One that most Americans already felt was true. The reason our right to keep and bare arms exists to begin with, taking guns away from the good people, will not stop the bad people from obtaining them. Many times, I read and heard, LGBTQ members admitting that, if just one person in that club had a weapon that night, the story may have had an entirely different outcome. Sadly, not a single one did. Through their mourning, however, word began to spread throughout the community, that, they, maybe more than any other group, needed to start protecting THEMSELVES, because it was clear then, that they were being directly targeted by ISIS. Many, if not most, agreed!

I stumbled across a young man on Instagram, still too young to vote, but a member of the LGBTQ community and I was drawn to his opinion, because he, like I, was a Trump supporter, through and through. Prior to the Orlando massacre, folks like him were few and far between. But it seemed that they were coming out of the woodwork. I was intrigued. And, I just had to know, why? Why Trump? So, I reached out and asked him. And he graciously took me up on the chance to explain himself. What I received was breathtaking.

• Hello, I'm 16 years old and I live on Long Island in New York. I am bisexual and I support Donald Trump for President of the United States of America.

• Some reasons why I love Donald Trump are because of his strong and tough Foreign, Domestic, Economic and Immigration policies. I believe that ISIS is currently the biggest problem the world is facing. I was born in the United States after my parents immigrated LEGALLY from Lebanon. Both of my parents are 100% Lebanese so that makes me ethnically fully Lebanese. I am a first generation American and you don't know how many times in a day I think to myself, "God Bless this great country!"

• The fact that I'm ethnically from a country that has a 70% Muslim population and I support Trump's policy to TEMPORARILY ban all Muslims from ISIS-held territories until we have a better vetting process, should be a HUUUUGE wake up call to people that there really is a problem with RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM.

• I also believe that we desperately need to build a wall at our southern border! It is crucial to stop the inflow of drugs, crime and gangs into the US. Illegal immigrants cannot be treated better than our own veterans! That's a disgrace! Some illegal immigrants have worked hard on agricultural fields, but they still came here illegally, meaning that they have to go back and get a work visa and come here legally! And I'm tired of people calling Trump racist for wanting to build a wall. Mexico has a wall on their southern border to stop illegal immigrants from central America to enter. And if you're an illegal immigrant in Mexico and you're caught, you're automatically jailed or deported back to your country, so I don't see why the US shouldn't do the same!

• As a millennial Republican that is still in high school, I have a firsthand perspective of why Common Core is so terrible. Some reasons why Common Core is so bad is that it's based on a materialistic, egalitarian philosophy, it eliminates local and paternal control over education, it virtually determines what will be taught in the classroom and uniform "standards" themselves, such as Common Core will not improve education in America. Even though I'm not of legal age to vote, I still feel that i have a say in the future of my country.

• On the topic of abortion, I believe that abortion should be illegal, but there should be an exception for women who were raped or if it's determined that the baby will have a disorder.

• About the economy, I looked into all the candidates on their plans on how to improve the economy. I came to a conclusion that Trump's economic policy will be a main part on how to make America great again. High taxes and excessive regulation push jobs overseas, reduce wages, and create a smaller economy for everyone. Obama and Clinton have created a built-in advantage for our foreign competitors. Trump's tax plan will lower taxes for everyone creating 3 tax brackets. Also he will lower corporate tax rates to help America actually compete in global trade. He also wants to renegotiate failed trade agreements that have lost the US lots of money. He is anti-TPP, unlike Hillary. The TPP would move American jobs overseas. Trump would do everything he can to bring back jobs to the US! He would also stop the reckless and wasteful spending of the Obama administration that have put money in failed government programs!

• On the issue of same-sex marriage. Of course as a member of the LGBTQ community, I support same-sex marriage. And Trump has been more left on the issue than other Republicans. Trump has said that as President he will protect all Americans, especially those in the LGBTQ community, after the Orlando shooting.

• Another reason why I love Donald Trump is because he has had a very successful career before entering politics. Trump is not a politician. He is not owned by anyone and he's the voice of the American people, not lobbyists and powerful elites on Wall Street, like Hillary Clinton.

• Donald Trump is always criticized and painted in the liberal mainstream media as a racist, xenophobic, bigot. Trump has said nothing racist. Building a wall to keep illegal immigrants out is not a race issue, it's a legal issue. TEMPORARILY banning Muslims from ISIS-held territories is not a race issue, it is a national security issue. Last time I checked Muslim was not a race.

• Putting America first and American interests first, is a big reason why I support Trump. He cares about the American people. He cares about our vets and he cares about our police officers who put their lives on the line to keep our cities safe. Most of these cops have families to go back home to. The Obama agenda has increased race divisions in our country, more than there was before we got a black president. Trump does not care what race, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation you are. As long as you're an American, he will care for you and defend you.  That is why I am part of the LGBTQ community and I'm supporting Donald Trump for President of the United States of America.

Incredible, right? I was so proud to read his article. Doesn't sound much different than any other Trump supporter I have met voicing their COMMON SENSE reasoning for voting for him this election. As I have said, and will continue to say, it's not the color or your skin, nor your choice of partner, it's simply based on the color of your heart. We must put aside our differences and unify if we are going to defeat the monster that is radicalization and our own corrupt elitists. We all have our reasons to want to live out full lives, and we all deserve that right, as written in the Declaration, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And as you can see here, all things considered, there is ONLY one man for the job. Only one man who has ALL Americans best interest at heart.

That man, is Donald J. Trump.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Let's Talk Policy: Foreign Affairs

On August 15th, 2016 Donald Trump, alongside former Mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani, delivered his foreign policy speech. It was incredible to say the least.

I'll let you watch first, then, I will give you my take on his plan.

Here ya have it, from Youngstown, Ohio, the home of now suspended candidate, John Kasich. The turnout was unreal. Ohio is certainly for TRUMP.

It is time for the United States to put America first, Hillary Clinton is responsible for so many terrible trade decisions, it is unbelieveable. For example, NAFTA, popularly known as the WORST TRADE DEAL IN HISTORY, received her praises all along, as far back as her husbands presidency. She held at least five congressional meetings to push the plan and fought back against any and all opposition to it.

But, you ate your words...didn't you, Hillary?

Don't believe me?? Watch...

Now, she claims the very same about the SECOND WORST trade agreement the United States has been drug into, since her reign if her judgement on the matter is worth half a cent...

The Trans Pacific Partnership, or, the TPP.

She referred to it as the GOLD STANDARD for trade agreements, when it, in fact, weakened this nation almost as quickly and horribly as it's predecessor, NAFTA. But, when it, too, failed, she once again, tried to back out of her very own endorsement of it...The deal cost the American manufacturing industry billions in revenue as well as thousands upon thousands of jobs, she had no choice but to back out, she says whatever she thinks must be said to be elected, as her leader, Obama, has proven true two terms in a row.

But, thanks to the internet, there is, once again, proof, of her back and forth stance on the matter...

Make up your mind, evil woman! We are onto you!

I am sick of the BS, and I, for one, think it's time to elect a candidate who is in NO WAY responsible for the mess the White House and the State Department have gotten this great country into. How about you??

Monday, August 1, 2016

Malik Obama...for Trump??

Have you heard?? Malik Obama, Barry's Kenyan half-brother delivered the endorsement of a lifetime...

Speaks sounds, wouldn't ya say??

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Day 4: RNC-Make America One Again!

The last night! We made it to the last night!


So, I am just catching up from finishing up last night's recap...

Marsha Blackburn from Tennessee. She did great!

Let's Get 'Er Done! :)

Governor Mary Fallin of Oklahoma.

I really like this lady! She is straight up and to the point! And has s upper cute accent to boot :)

Dr. Lisa Shin for the National Diversity Coalition for Trump
The ladies are doing fantastic tonight! This one is a NM delegate as well. I love that they are letting delegates speak their minds! Especially for the minorities for Trump! :)

Then, Chairman Reince came back up and really drove it home. I like him a lot! He's a true patriot as well! Funny he is a better Speaker than our Speaker, as far as representing us properly at least. :)
I like how much he drilled education into their minds.

Jerry Falwell Jr., President of Liberty University.  
Gave a great history lesson! :)

Co-Founder of Paypal, Peter Thiel
I am so going to reactivate my PayPal account for this one, buddy! I never had nearly as many problems as COMMUNIST GoFundMe. Just quit investing in Facebook, soon it won't be shit!
Way to go!

Sherrif Joe Arpaio showed up! That's badass! No one messes with that guy!

Then, Real Estate Mogul Tom Barrack

He was very accurate in his statement about Donald being able to do this on his own merits.
Thank you for your support, kind sir!

Oh man, they had a super fantastic video discussing ALL THOSE MERITS, and then, like an angel stepping off a cloud...

Ivanka Trump takes the stage.

Man, I truly admire her. I really do! What a true FEMINIST, for ALL the right reasons! SHE REDEFINES MODERN DAY WOMEN. Her TRUTH about women in America and the fact that GENDER is not the reason for a decline in women in the workforce, MOTHERHOOD is. Coming from a mother who JUST had a child, she would know how hard it can be to balance...

So, her father intends to create a better childcare system for working moms! SERIOUSLY!? How could this get any more wonderful!?

Then she goes into his credentials. The bottom line, HE WILL DELIVER. Wow. Just wow.

She knows precisely what her father has done that TRULY defines his character. Like they are TRULY best friends. She recaps so many wonderful memories. I adore the way his children love him so much. I know the feeling. I really do.

I have now caught up to the livestream, I got to skip a lot since I was finishing up RNC day three while RNC day four had already started :)
I am mesmerized...she is a TRUE WOMAN! She barely looks at the teleprompter, she speaks of facts and memories and when she pauses, it isn't to ABSORB the applause, it's too respect it. What a lovely human you are, gorgeous girl.

Mrs. Ivanka Trump, y'all.



All I heard was "I will present the facts, plainly. We cannot afford to be so politically correct anymore. We will honor the American people with the truth and nothing else!"

Look around you, Trump family. He is WE THE PEOPLE!

I'm so sad it's over but so happy to see his face...

Ladies and gentleman...



Try not to cry. I dare you. Thank you, Cami!

If Politics Were Star Wars...

Luke Skywalker -Donald Trump (A New Hope)
Obi-Wan Kenobi - Antonin Scalia (Old, wise, protector, now one with the force.)
Han Solo - Reince Priebus (Semi-Loyal ally, if and when it's doable)
Darth Vader - Barack Obama (Started to fight the nightmare, became the nightmare)
Emporer Palpatine - George Soros (The one behind the scenes pulling all the strings)
Kylo Ren - Hillary Clinton (Flawed follow-up who will never satisfy folllowers of the original)
Princess Leia Organa -Ivanka Trump (Classy, tough, "Luke" can't be with her due to blood)
Luke & Leia Kiss - Trump joking he'd sleep with his daughter ( )
C3PO - Katrina Pearson (Works as advocate and diplomat, but has sevred others also)
R2D2 - Ben Carson (Loyal ally who can get feisty when the situation calls)
Yoda - Michael Savage (Last man standing, semi-invisible positive influence)
Lando Calrissian - Rick Perry (Old ally who betrayed us, but is now helping so all is forgiven)
Stormtroopers - SJW's/Obama/Hillary Supporters (Militant supporters of the establishment)
Tusken Raiders - ISIS (Savages)
The Death Star - K-Street (A physical center that destroys worlds)
Death Star Beam - Destructive legislation (Obamacare, TPP, Amnesty)
Vaders Crew - Obama's Acolytes (Valerie Jaret, Pelosi, Reed, Lynch, The Media)
Ewoks - Democrats, Bernie Supporters for Trump (Once a threat, now an ally)
X-Wing - Trumps Plane (Vehicle by which good is done)
Deathstar Battle - Brexit (The unlikely victory)
Degobah - The Michael Savage show when Trump is on (Soaking in Yoda-Savages words)
The Force - Patriotism (The antidote to the darkside)
The Dark Side - Modern Day Liberalism (Runaway immorality)
The Empire - The Establishment (And all it's evil ways)
The Rebellion - YOU! (Make the Galaxy Great Again!)

Drops the freakin' mic!😂😂😂😂😂😂

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Day 3: RNC-Make America First Again!

Theme of the third night was Making America FIRST again. I for one think that is one of the biggest missions we MUST accomplish in order to recover this broken country.

It is as simple as every hard lesson you ever learned, wrapped in one sentence...

If you don't respect yourself, no one else will respect you either.

That being said, night three was ALL about what WE need. What WE want. What WE THE PEOPLE are crying out for.

Our vets. Our babies. Our soldiers. Our families. Our safety. Our jobs. Our futures.


Last night had some of the best of the best! I have been truly mind blown through this process! What a blessing our next generation of leaders are. We got this!

That being said...


Governor Rick Scott nailed it! I had never heard him speak before, but he is awesome! I pray for the state of Florida everyday!

"We are not at a crossroads, we are at a cliff."

Laura Ingraham also slam dunked it last night!
 The tribute to #NEVERTRUMPERS is epic. Wait for it....

Phil Ruffen, friend of his and business partner. I'd bet these two have gotten into some shit together! Haha! Loved this.

"His handshake is better than any contract you could ever sign."

Pam Bondi, Attorney General of Florida.

Quite a few people asked me to let them know when this lovely was coming on. I see why now. Ladies for Trump are brilliant. Every last one! She gives blondes a better name. and attorneys! :)

"How do you become president with no security clearance?" Word, girl. I ask myself that everyday.

Astronaut Eileen Collins touched down on space exploration and that was a great idea.
Did you know it's been five years since they stopped funding space shuttle launches!? The space shuttle program ended in 2011. Why is that?? Yet, Global Warming efforts carry well into the night...???? WHY IS THAT??

Michelle Van Etten, Entrepreneur
I think the teleprompter went out on her about halfway or so. Poor thing.
She did great though. I'd be so pissed! I was happy to see another young, small business owner take the stage though! She started way younger than I did! :)

Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin.
He is a boss. Period. To beat ONE recall is crazy. Let alone THREE. That's liberalism, man!

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas.

I can't. It makes me sick.
I'm just gonna throw this down. This is my opinion on Lyin' Ted...

Ted Cruz lives in Texas. But this picture was taken when he appeared at the top of the staircase at the Funeral in Dallas for the slain officers. He lives in Texas though, did they stop and pick him up first orrrrrr????


Dude is a scumbag. Straight up. I am NEVER wrong about these things.


Moving on.

Lynne Patton dropped in. She wrote the incredible letter about working for them for the duration of her career. It was a beautiful letter and an equally beautiful speech.
Way to go, girl!

You may have seen this guy's video too. He is also an incredible Black American working for ALL Americans! I love minorities for Trump the most!
This is Dr. Darryl Scott
Bravo, friend.

Senator Ralph Alvarado Jr. of Kentucky.



More minorities for Trump! Yessss! They are so wise! Because most of them HAVE struggled and that's WHY they are tired of it getting worse! Life experience made them heroes, not cowards!

Now, there is really nothing that can prepare you for this one It was in fact, one of the BEST of ALL. YOU CANNOT FAKE AMAZING KIDS!!!



Then, to really drill it home, Speaker Ryan himself came out to bring out the Lieutenant himself...and ACTUALLY SOUNDED EXCITED ABOUT IT!
He even said "send him and Donald to the White House! Lol. It was a lovely introduction...

Without further adeux...


the American Patriot I truly believe is going to play a MAJOR ROLE in governing and recovering our country...



Governor of Indiana, MIKE PENCE!

I freakin' love him too! This is all just too much YESSSSS!!!


And was over. Now, we are halfway through the last night and I am way behind just so I could share the good news about last night...

I gotta go! Lol.
Much love, MAGA! <3

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Day 2: RNC-Make America Work Again!

Last night was super crazy!

Especially with all the Melania shenanigans surfacing. I think it really just made me love her even more! She has handled it with such grace! Matter of fact, they all have! Check this out...

Guess that takes care of that :)


On to DAY 2!! Which was just as wonderful!


Gov. Chris Christie

Dr. Ben Carson

"Speaker of the House" Paul Ryan

AG of Arkansas, Leslie Rutledge

Businessman and UFC President, Dana White

House Majority Leader, Kevin McCarthy

Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell

Tiffany Trump

Donald Trump Jr.

It was another great night enough already, but then THIS happened, too!




Melania's Speech?

Let's just deal with the ELEPHANT in the room, y'all.



Amen, sir. Amen.

Not to mention...

That sums up my thoughts on it pretty well...

Oh and then there is this...

Exactly. But wait, I'm a think-outside-the-boxer...

I think it would be MUCH MORE LIKELY, that THIS is the REAL story....

Because, Donald.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Day 1: RNC Make America Safe Again!


I even prepared for the ridiculous intermissions and talking heads! Thanks to WalMart, which doesn't have it online anywhere! But I found y'all the same one on Patriot Depot! :)

Enter Stage RIGHT...

RNC CEO, Jeff Larson...

And we are off!


Scott Baio:

The Benghazi Report:

Mark Geist & John Tiegen

Marcus Lattrell: The Lone Survivor

Pat Smith: Mother of Sean Smith

Hillary's take??

Sheriff David Clarke

Sean & Rachel Duffy

My personal fav of the night, Darryl Green of Colorado

NY Mayor, Rudi Guliani

Willie Robertson

Jess Sessions:

Donald dropped in real quick to introduce his incredible, brilliant, beautiful wife...

Melania Trump, the next First Lady of the USA!

and, last, but certainly not least....

Retired General Michael T. Flynn

If I missed anyone you were hoping to see, you can find ALL of their speeches HERE.

It was incredible! Even when the 12 year olds got anxious and tried to screw it all up...ya know...the #NEVERTRUMP #CRUZBOTS...



Mike Pence: The Next VP!

His acceptance speech at RNC on Wednesday night...