Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Hope for Humanity: Afshin

While our president is busy praising Islam and all the evil that it stands for, an incredible, fearless woman is fighting back to not only bring to safety as many as she can from its terrors, but she is a survivor of Sharia herself. At 18 years old, she fled to the United States from Iran and decided to use her life for the greatest good, bringing hope, refuge and humanity to as many more victims of Sharia as she could. Equally as important, she spends day and night spreading the truth about Islam for anyone who is willing to listen. I have been truly educated on the matter because of her. 
Via the The Glazov Gang, this week's TOP 10 with that incredible woman, Aynaz Cyrus, Glazov's Producer, Founder of Live up to Freedom and most importantly, humanitarian activist, will make your skin crawl and your heart ache. 

Agree? Disgusting to think anyone would allow that to seep into our very own society. Western culture has no room for this disturbing behavior. Freedom and Islam cannot coexist. Women have no humane rights under Sharia and we cannot and will not be forced to accept this as a way of life. Yet, still, our president claims Muslim culture has enriched American society, as we see more and more terrorist attacks on our own soil, in the name of Allah, and thousands more refugees pour across our borders every day. Not women and children, trying to escape the persecution, no. Men, military aged men, with no vetting process, it has become inevitable to avoid the infiltration that has begun right in front our own eyes. We have to stop this madness, we have to fight back. Or we too, very soon, will be the victims of this genocide. To give Islam a chance, is to strip that chance from all society who is unwilling to convert to its evil ways. Enough is enough. 

As I stated, though, our very own "leader" claims this horrible cult is "strengthening" our country. So very wrong he is...

The Live up to Freedom team has successfully joined forces with other humanitarian teams in many, many rescue cases to bring refuge to the freedom fighters in the middle east and abroad. But it is a never ending battle for life. They are currently attempting to extract an incredible man fighting not only for his freedom, but his life, at this very moment. His name is Afshin Zorahbzadeh and you can find the petition for his removal from Iran, as well as his story, HERE

That petition was started over a year ago, and was finally granted, just recently, in order to get him the medical attention he needs. I received an immediate update when he was smuggled out of the hospital he was in to secure his life, you can find that video HERE..

Upon the beginning of his extraction, he was able to reach out via social media with an update, and his video brought tear to my eyes...

{Translation via Matt Rininger}

 He was relocated to a secure, private location to continue his treatment and the manhunt was on. However, he has taken a turn for the worst and is fighting for his life everyday. We have fought and prayed and shared his story as far and wide as we can, and will continue to do so, but we need your help. He isn't going to make it without the proper care and we need to see it through. You can donate to this mission at Gofundme.com/Hopeforpersecuted. Please, if all you can do is share his story and this mission and add him to your prayers, please do so. He needs all the help he can get. Thank you for taking the time to listen. May God be with him.

{You can find more of Aynaz Cyrus' "Top 10" pieces, as well as her enlightening series, "The Unknown", HERE. and also, on The Glazov Gang.}

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