Thursday, September 15, 2016

LGBTQ for Trump!

In the aftermath of the Orlando shooting, the LGBTQ came to the very harsh realization that they were truly under attack, possibly even being targeted, by both ISIS and our own government. I watched as members of this historically liberal community dug deep inside to find answers and understanding, as they mourned the loss of 49 of their own LGBTQ family, with 53 more in critical condition. The only assumptions to be drawn were that it was a religious persecution. The gunman, 29 year old, Omar Mateen, claiming Jihad, murdered or injured over 100 Americans, simply due to their sexual orientation. In Islam, homosexuality is unacceptable and must me met with death. The killer was finally shot dead by LEOs in order to free the remaining hostages inside Pulse Nightclub. The assault rocked not only their community, but the entire country.

While they, and we, came to terms with such a nightmare, the president wasted NO TIME to claim that common sense gun laws were the answer to this tragedy. But, much to the surprise of democrats and republicans alike, the LGBTQ community as a whole chose a different solution. The common reaction to such a massacre, was one of common sense and fear combined. One that most Americans already felt was true. The reason our right to keep and bare arms exists to begin with, taking guns away from the good people, will not stop the bad people from obtaining them. Many times, I read and heard, LGBTQ members admitting that, if just one person in that club had a weapon that night, the story may have had an entirely different outcome. Sadly, not a single one did. Through their mourning, however, word began to spread throughout the community, that, they, maybe more than any other group, needed to start protecting THEMSELVES, because it was clear then, that they were being directly targeted by ISIS. Many, if not most, agreed!

I stumbled across a young man on Instagram, still too young to vote, but a member of the LGBTQ community and I was drawn to his opinion, because he, like I, was a Trump supporter, through and through. Prior to the Orlando massacre, folks like him were few and far between. But it seemed that they were coming out of the woodwork. I was intrigued. And, I just had to know, why? Why Trump? So, I reached out and asked him. And he graciously took me up on the chance to explain himself. What I received was breathtaking.

• Hello, I'm 16 years old and I live on Long Island in New York. I am bisexual and I support Donald Trump for President of the United States of America.

• Some reasons why I love Donald Trump are because of his strong and tough Foreign, Domestic, Economic and Immigration policies. I believe that ISIS is currently the biggest problem the world is facing. I was born in the United States after my parents immigrated LEGALLY from Lebanon. Both of my parents are 100% Lebanese so that makes me ethnically fully Lebanese. I am a first generation American and you don't know how many times in a day I think to myself, "God Bless this great country!"

• The fact that I'm ethnically from a country that has a 70% Muslim population and I support Trump's policy to TEMPORARILY ban all Muslims from ISIS-held territories until we have a better vetting process, should be a HUUUUGE wake up call to people that there really is a problem with RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM.

• I also believe that we desperately need to build a wall at our southern border! It is crucial to stop the inflow of drugs, crime and gangs into the US. Illegal immigrants cannot be treated better than our own veterans! That's a disgrace! Some illegal immigrants have worked hard on agricultural fields, but they still came here illegally, meaning that they have to go back and get a work visa and come here legally! And I'm tired of people calling Trump racist for wanting to build a wall. Mexico has a wall on their southern border to stop illegal immigrants from central America to enter. And if you're an illegal immigrant in Mexico and you're caught, you're automatically jailed or deported back to your country, so I don't see why the US shouldn't do the same!

• As a millennial Republican that is still in high school, I have a firsthand perspective of why Common Core is so terrible. Some reasons why Common Core is so bad is that it's based on a materialistic, egalitarian philosophy, it eliminates local and paternal control over education, it virtually determines what will be taught in the classroom and uniform "standards" themselves, such as Common Core will not improve education in America. Even though I'm not of legal age to vote, I still feel that i have a say in the future of my country.

• On the topic of abortion, I believe that abortion should be illegal, but there should be an exception for women who were raped or if it's determined that the baby will have a disorder.

• About the economy, I looked into all the candidates on their plans on how to improve the economy. I came to a conclusion that Trump's economic policy will be a main part on how to make America great again. High taxes and excessive regulation push jobs overseas, reduce wages, and create a smaller economy for everyone. Obama and Clinton have created a built-in advantage for our foreign competitors. Trump's tax plan will lower taxes for everyone creating 3 tax brackets. Also he will lower corporate tax rates to help America actually compete in global trade. He also wants to renegotiate failed trade agreements that have lost the US lots of money. He is anti-TPP, unlike Hillary. The TPP would move American jobs overseas. Trump would do everything he can to bring back jobs to the US! He would also stop the reckless and wasteful spending of the Obama administration that have put money in failed government programs!

• On the issue of same-sex marriage. Of course as a member of the LGBTQ community, I support same-sex marriage. And Trump has been more left on the issue than other Republicans. Trump has said that as President he will protect all Americans, especially those in the LGBTQ community, after the Orlando shooting.

• Another reason why I love Donald Trump is because he has had a very successful career before entering politics. Trump is not a politician. He is not owned by anyone and he's the voice of the American people, not lobbyists and powerful elites on Wall Street, like Hillary Clinton.

• Donald Trump is always criticized and painted in the liberal mainstream media as a racist, xenophobic, bigot. Trump has said nothing racist. Building a wall to keep illegal immigrants out is not a race issue, it's a legal issue. TEMPORARILY banning Muslims from ISIS-held territories is not a race issue, it is a national security issue. Last time I checked Muslim was not a race.

• Putting America first and American interests first, is a big reason why I support Trump. He cares about the American people. He cares about our vets and he cares about our police officers who put their lives on the line to keep our cities safe. Most of these cops have families to go back home to. The Obama agenda has increased race divisions in our country, more than there was before we got a black president. Trump does not care what race, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation you are. As long as you're an American, he will care for you and defend you.  That is why I am part of the LGBTQ community and I'm supporting Donald Trump for President of the United States of America.

Incredible, right? I was so proud to read his article. Doesn't sound much different than any other Trump supporter I have met voicing their COMMON SENSE reasoning for voting for him this election. As I have said, and will continue to say, it's not the color or your skin, nor your choice of partner, it's simply based on the color of your heart. We must put aside our differences and unify if we are going to defeat the monster that is radicalization and our own corrupt elitists. We all have our reasons to want to live out full lives, and we all deserve that right, as written in the Declaration, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And as you can see here, all things considered, there is ONLY one man for the job. Only one man who has ALL Americans best interest at heart.

That man, is Donald J. Trump.

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