Thursday, July 21, 2016

If Politics Were Star Wars...

Luke Skywalker -Donald Trump (A New Hope)
Obi-Wan Kenobi - Antonin Scalia (Old, wise, protector, now one with the force.)
Han Solo - Reince Priebus (Semi-Loyal ally, if and when it's doable)
Darth Vader - Barack Obama (Started to fight the nightmare, became the nightmare)
Emporer Palpatine - George Soros (The one behind the scenes pulling all the strings)
Kylo Ren - Hillary Clinton (Flawed follow-up who will never satisfy folllowers of the original)
Princess Leia Organa -Ivanka Trump (Classy, tough, "Luke" can't be with her due to blood)
Luke & Leia Kiss - Trump joking he'd sleep with his daughter ( )
C3PO - Katrina Pearson (Works as advocate and diplomat, but has sevred others also)
R2D2 - Ben Carson (Loyal ally who can get feisty when the situation calls)
Yoda - Michael Savage (Last man standing, semi-invisible positive influence)
Lando Calrissian - Rick Perry (Old ally who betrayed us, but is now helping so all is forgiven)
Stormtroopers - SJW's/Obama/Hillary Supporters (Militant supporters of the establishment)
Tusken Raiders - ISIS (Savages)
The Death Star - K-Street (A physical center that destroys worlds)
Death Star Beam - Destructive legislation (Obamacare, TPP, Amnesty)
Vaders Crew - Obama's Acolytes (Valerie Jaret, Pelosi, Reed, Lynch, The Media)
Ewoks - Democrats, Bernie Supporters for Trump (Once a threat, now an ally)
X-Wing - Trumps Plane (Vehicle by which good is done)
Deathstar Battle - Brexit (The unlikely victory)
Degobah - The Michael Savage show when Trump is on (Soaking in Yoda-Savages words)
The Force - Patriotism (The antidote to the darkside)
The Dark Side - Modern Day Liberalism (Runaway immorality)
The Empire - The Establishment (And all it's evil ways)
The Rebellion - YOU! (Make the Galaxy Great Again!)

Drops the freakin' mic!😂😂😂😂😂😂

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