Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Bernie Endorses Hillary. WTF?

I'm just saying, if you claim to be a Democrat and you didn't know THIS was coming....you really are as naïve as we all think you are! Just kiddiiiiing, only SOME of us think that ;)

So, here ya have the ultimate political phenomenon. The mainstream media elected Chosen One receiving not just the support of the REAL AMERICAN VOTER'S Chosen One, but the OFFICIAL Endorsement for it. Her. Whatever. Not to mention, the Democratic Primary just ended. If you hadn't pieced that together. They actually believe if he endorses her, her UnAmerican ass will gain back his voters. Not!

Point being...what about this....

Or did you so quickly forget!? I sure hope not. Being a Bernie Supporter doesn't have to be an end all for all of you. You can love Bernie and want Hillary to burn in hell all you want. We don't mind a bit. While I myself, despise Socialism to the core, I did tend to think the guy was more relatable and presidential the she ever was or will be. But I will tell you this, something is still not right here. I have seen it play out a hundred times or more in my head and I told y'all all along...


Enter stage LEFT, Bernie. The hero. The man with a plan. A free plan at that. Wow! Just what you all wanted! Right? The Bernie Free Shit Plan is what really won the millennials. Maybe they were right, maybe we are all just outdated has been Americans. Old school, I like to think of it myself. Nah, screw that. It is wisdom. Common Core doesn't teach that.

I mean look at this. It's nauseating! Stronger Together?? If that doesn't scream CORRUPT, I don't know what does. At least they are smart enough to know we far outnumber them!

Bernie Sanders declaration today proves one of two things. Actually, it proves both.

1. He is not the MAN FOR YOU that you once thought he was, to turn his back after y'all fought so hard for him.

2. Hillary was bound to win from the moment she threw her name in the hat. Shit, she was bound to win the nod from the moment George Bush Sr. threw his name in the hat.

And the apple didn't fall far from that tree, AT ALL...

This is what I say, and have said for a very long time...


When you start to piece together the common denominators in the Democratic left, you will find a tremendous amount of shitty people. So, naturally, we can assume if you continue to dig, you will find MORE shitty people. Get the point?

I get it. I know what you are going to say. Bernie was probably threatened. His life or his money must have been on the line. I'd imagine his money, the dude is like ninety. He knows he's goin' soon! #Sorrynotsorry

But, should that matter in a situation of this magnitude, though? Really?  Isn't that all the more reason he should have done the right thing? On behalf of YOU!?

Money talks people. It talks VERY loudly!! And corruption kills. It kills VERY quickly.

Sooooo, when I tell you we have NO option other than Trump, I mean that with all that I am. If anyone but Trump goes into the White House in January...

Hillary's CORRUPT America, Bernie Sanders included, wins, and We the People...LOSE!


If you didn't get to see the video, be warned. It's nauseating. too. He looks physically pained to uter those words to the world. I guess if you can't beat them, join them!? Nah, that's not our style!

Here it is via MSN.com...

"Better to fight for something, than die for nothing." -Patton.

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